Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One down about 23 to go

Well I finally rejoined Weight Watchers and lost a whopping 1 pound this first week. Down isn't up so I'm pleased. I certainly didn't suffer to lose that pound so I'm sure I can keep up this pace.
My tomato plants have a visitor. Noticed some chomping marks on some of my tomatoes and it appears I've found the culprit. I suppose someday he will be a beautiful butterfly or moth or whatever but right now he/she is a tomato plant foe!
Starting almost 2 weeks ago now, I made/grew/built whatever, some "wild yeast" sourdough starter and tomorrow will try to remember to take some pictures so I can post about my bread making attempts. i want so badly to tear into a homemade loaf and find that wonderful, holey, delicious texture I'm so desperate to achieve. So far my loaves are always too dense; I guess it takes one to know one. I have made some really good pizza dough and focaccia though.

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