Thursday, July 24, 2008

woe is me

I've decided I'm going to do this blog for me and me alone so whatever I say on here is straight from my mind to the keyboard.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all that is required to start a biz and not entirely sure its what I want to do anyway. I mean I love love love to bake and could do it all day long but I have never spent an entire day baking so maybe I wouldn't love it as a job, career, etc. I just don't know. My life has been filled with child rearing and wifely duties for more than 25 years so this is all a big life change for me. I think I've decided I will charge forward with my plans and just see what happens. If we end up not being able to afford it then oh well that's the way it goes. I'll find something else to do. I'm still practicing my decorating skills as you can see practice is still needed.

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Colleen said...

Mom! You haven't posted since July, and you're giving me a hard time?? Post more please =)