Friday, September 7, 2007

Brand spanking new blogger

Ok, I've already lost the first blog I tried to post so please bear with me on this. I am a techno "doofus" (sp?) so I am sure to make many mistakes along the way. My kids and husband are my tech support so hopefully I'll get something readable on here eventually. Warning: much rambling is about to begin, I almost called my blog "she whines and complains" but was afraid no one would ever read it :)

Anyway, I love knitting and that’s why I’m here. My renewed interest in knitting began about a year ago when I was attempting to work as a real estate agent. (Background information ahead). The high end company I worked for had a mentoring program and after nearly a year I had only one transaction so my mentor was searching for an explanation. Many mentoring sessions later, in desperation, my mentor asked me to make a list of everything I was passionate about and everything I wanted to accomplish in my life. Great assignment, I highly recommend this to everyone, and lo and behold nowhere on my list was anything even remotely close to selling over-priced homes to whiny, buyers with bad credit. Nor was listing over-priced properties owned by pretentious, delusional, greedy sellers anywhere on my life goals list. But learning to play the guitar and knitting a sweater were near the top of the page on “My dreams of someday accomplishing…”

So here I am today, unemployed, in the midst of what could be a midlife crisis and have yet to take a guitar lesson and the sweater is in a tote bag. I’m waiting for the time when I get someone to explain to me how I “…AT SAME TIME bind off center 7 sts for neck and working both sides at once, bind off from each neck edge 4 sts once.” I don’t get it, and this pattern is in Very Easy Vogue, sure would hate to see Extremely Difficult or even Mildly Challenging Vogue. But not to worry, tomorrow I am going to my first yahoo meetup knitting and crocheting group so I am hoping to get some help or at least some advice. In the meantime I have knitted a few hats for my kids and their friends. I wasn't smart enough to take pictures of most of them but from now on I will be much better about documenting my accomplishments.
Here's a picture of a hat I knitted for a little 4 year old. If I can get her to wear it I'll post a new picture. Next time looks like I should get a little closer when I take the photo.

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