Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In honor of talk like a pirate day

I have no idea what the title of today's post means but my son assures me this is true. So here is my cat saying "Blargh" in honor of the above day.
Anyway... in knitting news I have gotten started on the Candy Wrapper Sachets I am making for Christmas gifts. The pattern is from "One Skein" by Leigh Radford. I love, love, love the patterns in this book. The sachets are recommended to be knit with Jaeger fingerweight silk but I could only find DK weight so will see how they turn out. Beautiful yarn and got it from Jimmy Beans for 50% off. Still 12.95 per skein for 50 grams but so lucious it's definitely worth it. And can probably make 6 or more sachets from a skein. I will let you know and will take some pix. There is a lavender farm here in San Diego county and I want to fill the sachets with dried lavender from them so will find the details regarding that for a future post also.
I am noticing my novice knitting skills are improving and I am finding myself drawn to more detailed patterns so am quite excited about this. Still anxious to have a completed garment under my belt and will drag out the incomplete cardigan when I am closer to having my Christmas gifts done.
In other news I am normally not much of a beer fan but recently have been enjoying Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale mmmmmm

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