Sunday, February 1, 2009

New, sort of, Year's Resolutions

I know it's already a month into the new year but hey I tend to procrastinate a bit. I can't be perfect! I've been reading some really inspirational blogs about people trying to make a difference in this sad world's situation, trying to eliminate plastic from their lives or going whole hog like "No Impact Man" and drastically reducing their carbon footprint. I can't commit to go as far as they have but I am definitely going to try and lead a more conscious earth friendly life. First off I have made a vow to absolutely eliminate my use of plastic shopping bags. I have some old ones in my car I can keep using until they fall apart but otherwise I'm not going to get any new ones. I have plenty of tote bags that i can keep in the car. In the past I'd leave them in the car and then say "oh well next time" but now if I forget I go back to the car and get them. My daughter visited Midway Atoll a few months ago and saw the effects our plastic mania has had on the albatross. The birds' decaying bodies reveal a belly full of plastic!

Here's my list of goals for 2009

1. Eliminate my use of plastic bags
2. Attempt to only purchase products that are minimally packaged
3. Reduce our families use of processed foods which will also reduce amount of packaging
4. Find alternatives for zip lock bags and plastic containers
5. Repair rather than replace whenever possible
6. Eat and prepare healthy whole foods in place of prepared and/or fast food
7. Reduce the amount of animal products I consume
8. Collect gray water for use on outdoor plants
9. Use less electricity by using sunlight when possible and less lighting in general
10. Be more conscious of combining car trips for shopping, errands etc., carpool

So basically follow a reduce, reuse, recycle lifestyle. One of my biggest challenges will be the resistance of other family members to follow in my footsteps. I need to remember that I can't control the decisions they make but I can lead by example. I will try to track my progress and have updates and post ideas I come across. I think we can make a difference if we all try. This morning I was about to turn on a lamp to read a book and realized if I moved into the family room it is nice an sunny and I don't need to turn on a light. I collected the water in a large bowl in the sink when I washed my hands and used that water on a plant in the backyard. Its a glorious day outside so instead of driving to the mall for some window shopping I will go out back and pull some weeds.


Colleen said...

Those are some great resolutions! I'll definitely try to follow those as well. Is that a lemon tree in the backyard in the picture?

teejay said...

Yep, lemon tree in the backyard. The closeup makes it look more lush than it actually is.