Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I'm thinking about packaging in general not just plastic. I bought a box of pretzels and some cereal hoping that the contents would be in something other than plastic like maybe a waxed paper bag. But no, it was not so, definitely in plastic bags. So then I was thinking how I would have been better off just buying the plastic bag of pretzels in the first place cuz at least then there'd only be one package. In an effort to avoid plastic i ended up with double the packaging definitely not my intention. Then I started thinking of what exactly is the best package as far as the earth's impact. We've all heard how paper bags use way more energy to make than plastic bags, but wildlife aren't choking and dying with hundreds of paper bag bits in their guts. My first choice is no package so that will be my ultimate goal. Second will be reusable packaging like a plastic container of cheese that can be used to store leftovers or as a portable food container for meals away from home. My third choice is the least packaging available if i can't find the product without packaging or in something reusable. Unless i decide to go without.

Looks like i'm going to have to try making my own pretzels.

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