Monday, February 2, 2009

Plastic, plastic everywhere!

Wow what a different experience it is to go grocery shopping with a conscious mind to avoid plastic. It was bizarre to stand in a far corner of the store and do a 180 degree look around and feel like I was in plastic land! I figure today I used 5 less bags of plastic than I normally would have. 3 produce bags -- I just plopped the food into my cart bare naked. and eliminated 2 plastic shopping bags cuz I brought my handy dandy canvas bag that is extra large and went without a bag for the 2 kinds of flour that I bought. Arrowhead mills organic whole wheat pastry flour on sale for $3.29 for a 5 pound bag! Same price for the organic unbleached all purpose. Woo hooo tasty treats are on the way! I seem to use a lot of exclamation points.

Look no plastic! Packaging made for a compost bin...perfection

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